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by Robert J.P. Goodspeed

Medical studies have found that toxic mold is the number one cause of allergic symptoms. When inhaled, even in small amounts, toxic mold can cause a wide range of health problems including respiratory problems (wheezing), nasal and sinus congestion, watery and red eyes, nose and throat irritation, skin irritation, body aches and pains, fevers, headaches, asthma, emphysema and in some cases even death. Studies have shown that of the 50 million Americans having asthma or allergic sensitivities, there is a high probability that many of these cases are related to mold exposure in the home. In fact, the toxic black mold STACHYBOTRYS found in home, office and school environments has been linked to fatal pulmonary disorders. If you, a family member or pet are experiencing unexplained health problems or if you have visual mold growth, order a Mold Sampling Inspection today.

Protection...testing is your first line of defense.

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